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    Behaviour rule fragments and investigating a goal Opa 10.4.1

      This is a (possible) bug in Opa 10.4.1. I do not know if this is the place to report them, but here are the details :

      I am testing the use of rule fragments in Opa, and have used them in a rule that has the context of the entity ''the person". If I write the following rules, and try to investigate the goal in Opm debugger, I get a nullReferenceException:

      [rule fragment]
      +the person is entitled to a benefit if+
      +the person is born after 2011/01/01+
      +one of+
      +the person is homeless+
      +the world comes to an end+

      [rule fragment:1]
      +the person is not entitled to a benefit+

      This happens because one of the conditions has the global context. If I rewrite that condition to fit in the person context, this problem disappears.

      Can anyone please verify this problem?


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