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    Manually installing agent controller on Solaris 11 on Opscenter 12c

      I am trying to install agent controller using (OpsCenterAgent.SolarisIPS.all. on a solaris 11 server but encounter the following issue.

      # ./install -p

      command: ./install -p
      pkg list: no packages matching '*hmp/hmp-tools' installed
      pkg list: no packages matching '*hmp/hmp-libs' installed
      Checking to see if this is an upgrade to an existing Agent Controller
      No existing Agent Controller found.
      Installing the IPS Agent Controller

      x509 -noout -in /etc/certs/CA/ -issuer -subject -dates
      ----------------------------------------------------------------------- oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname
      No need to update /etc/inet/hosts : PROXY CERT_CN entry already present
      Using Proxy URI https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS
      Ops Center publisher URI: https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS
      /usr/bin/pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS solaris
      pkg set-publisher: The origin URIs for 'solaris' do not appear to point to a valid pkg repository.
      Please verify the repository's location and the client's network configuration.
      Additional details:

      Unable to contact valid package repository: https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS
      Encountered the following error(s):
      Transport errors encountered when trying to contact repository.
      Reported the following errors:
      https protocol error: code: 400 reason: Bad Request
      URL: 'https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS'.
      Error 1: pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS solaris
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          The Sol11 agents require a Solaris 11 package repository to be available somewhere on your network.
          Your agent install is failing because the defined repository cannot be reached.

          Can https://oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname:8002/IPS be reached from oracle-oem-oc-mgmt-hostname itself ?
          If so, maybe a firewall is blocking your agent from connecting to the repository on port 8002.

          It's a good idea to run OCDoctor.sh --agent-prereq prior to attempting to install the agent.  It will tell you in advance of all the things you need to fix. :-)