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    SGE queues


      I have a SGE installation configured with different queues. Some machines can be in more than one queue at the same time.

      My problem is: if I use 8 slots of a machine in a queue (lets say queue1) and the same machine is in another queue (queue2), the
      slots of the machine in queue 2 are not used. So one could use 16 slots of a machine in 2 different queues, but the maximum is 8.

      Is there any way to configure the queues so when I use slots in a machine these slots are also used in all other queues
      that the machine belongs??

      Thanks in advance,

      Rafael Sachetto
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          I was not able to figure out how to solve this problem.

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            Hello Rafael,

            you can easily solve this problem by using resource quota sets (rqs). You can specify the number of slots you want a specific host to be limited to.
            For example you can add an rqs that looks like the following:

            name limitHostSlots
            description NONE
            enabled TRUE
            limit hosts { +hostname+ } to slots=8

            this will limit the number of slots that hostname can use regardless of the number of queues that it is used in.

            For more information, see the rqs man page at sge_resource_quota.5

            Hope this is what your looking for.