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    P6 8.2 Professional - Job Service Crashes

      I have the stand alone version P6 8.2 Professional installed on my computer complete with Job Service and SDK.

      I have the Job Service configured to run periodically to export a group of projects to a folder on the hard disk.

      But, the Job Service never runs and I end up with no back up. The documentation regarding the Job Service is so sparse that i couldn't find any help with my problem.

      I have checked the system logs and found out that the 'Primavera P6 Job Service (JSDB)' windows service (PrmJobSV.exe) starts successfully but fails with either of the following messages:

      'Failed to start Primavera Job Service: PRM DBAccess Error: Connection attempt to database failed with message Missing Database property'

      'Failed to load or start recurring jobs: Access violation at address 00443FD8 in module 'PrmJobSv.exe'. Read of address 00000040'

      I do not see anything pertinent to the error message. I have tried reinstalling the entire suite but can't seem to get the damned thing working.

      I thought it had to do with the user privileges so, I created a local windows user and assigned it with the proper privileges for the back up folder and configure JSDB to use that user to run the job. The job service PrmJobSV.exe runs as that local user.

      I am using Oracle XE as the backend. I haven't tried this with the SQL server backend yet. May be it has to do with the Oracle XE, I dunno.

      Any one has got any ideas what I might be doing wrong ? Thanks for the help.
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          On the machine where Job Services is installed, reconfigure the JSDB alias to point to the proper Project Management database.

          Reconfigure the Windows Service to run as a windows domain account or local account that has a PRMBootstrap.xml file (constaining the JSDB alias) in their user profile directory.

          EX: C:\Documents and Settings\user01\Local Settings\Application Data\Oracle\Primavera P6\P6 Professional\PrmBootStrap.xml

          You can try 899068.1
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            Thanks for the reply.

            I have tried and retried these things to get it to work but to no avail.

            I have created a local user account with admin rights and assigned it to the PrmJobSvc service and also configured the DCOM object to use the same user account and password. Just for fun I even created a P6 login with the same name and password and assigned it to the export job. Still the same error. I have specified the output folders for bot the job and the log file to the same user's home folder, still the same error. I even created a folder with full access to 'Everyone' problem persists.

            Every time the service is launched the xml Bootstrap profile gets created in the user's (whichever the service is configured to run as) profile directory as you have specified in your example. I have checked the contents and saw nothing that may suggest a problematic config.

            I can't accesss 899068.1 as I don't have a valid Support Identifier. Could you please tell me what is that about ?

            Thanks again.
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              Failed to load or start non-recurring jobs: PRM DBAccess Error:

              Connection attempt to database failed with message SQL Server Error:

              ORA-28000: the account is locked

              Cause: You are trying to connect to the database with a user for which a profile was defined.
              On this profile a value for FAILED_LOGON_ATTEMPTS was set.

              You tried to logon with this user but entered an invalid password consequently for maximum
              number of times specified by the user’s profile parameter FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS.

              Another possibility is that the DBA locked the account.

              Fix: You will have to wait until the value of PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME has been reached so the account gets unlocked
              automatically or contact a DBA to unlock the account.

              To see what profile is assigned to a certain user, issue following select:

              select profile from dba_users where username=’<username>’;

              To see the limits set for the profile, issue following select:

              select resource_name, resource_type, limit from dba_profiles where profile=’<profile>’;
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                Thanks AcrHaXX, sorry for the late reply. I haven't visited these forums lately and thus missed your reply.

                I have quried those parameters and found them set to 'unlimited' (FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS set to 10). I haven't tried changing those parameters as when I check the status of the user using the database home page, it appears as unlocked and active. So, I am presuming that the user account doesn't get locked and that is not the cause of the problem.

                I did realize that the user account I was using to run the job did not have the PMDB tablespace as the default. I changed that so the PMDB tablespace becomes the default , yet I keep getting the same error message - Missing Database Property.

                To reiterate the steps so far, I have created a local windows user with the name P6JSDB and set the password according to the rules laid by the employer's domain which includes special character like @,# etc. (Wonder if these special characters might be the cause).

                I have configured the DCOM componenet for job service to use the same user and password combination. I have created a DB user using the Database Home Page with the same name P6JSDB with CONNECT privileges only and the user account is unlocked with 'Password Expires' unchecked and with PMDB as the default database.

                I have configured the Primavera Job Service to use the same username and password combination. I have also created a P6 user account with the same username and password combination just for fun !

                With all this, I keep getting thsame error and the job service simply bails out. There must be something very minor that I am missing or not doing which is causing this anomaly. Any ideas ?

                Thanks again.