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    Creating http link on repo

      I am trying to create a publisher for a client system to grab the repo from another server as there cannot be internet access to access the IPS from solaris and encountered this error.

      pkg set-publisher -P -g solaris
      pkg set-publisher: Could not refresh the catalog for solaris

      http protocol error: code: 404 reason: Not Found
      URL: ''.

      I tried with https and encountered another error.
      pkg set-publisher -P -g solaris
      pkg set-publisher: The origin URIs for 'solaris' do not appear to point to a valid pkg repository.
      Please verify the repository's location and the client's network configuration.
      Additional details:

      Unable to contact valid package repository:
      Encountered the following error(s):
      Transport errors encountered when trying to contact repository.
      Reported the following errors:
      Framework error: code: 60 reason: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:
      error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
      URL: ''.
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          It's look like your create uncorrect IPS server or mistake with URL.

          For example:

          Original IPS path:

          Content file with URL:

          Also try change publisher name from solaris to any another becouse it can conflict with already registered publisher.

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            Thanks for the reply, i have unset the original link as there should not be internet access. I am trying to link it to another server which uses a local repo for solaris 11.
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              Try from any browser URL:
              It's should be show some contents.
              In case you have Error 404, your IPS server configured uncorrect or you use uncorrect path.