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    Understanding how Dimension Arguments are Passed - General Question

      I'm hoping that someone could explain how dimension values are passed when making the call from an OLAP Expression to OLAP DML function. Specially what is going on when I query the cube via SQL.

      Suppose I have a DML function which takes DATE and TIME dimension as arguments.

      I query via SQL for the DAY level within my DATE dimension and ALL level within my time dimension.

      If I call my DML function via a DML expression through an SQL Query, is OLAP itself setting up the status for my dimensions, looping over each independent value (that is in status based on my query) and calling the expression via a loop?

      I'm just trying to understand what is going on here internally. If a document exists that explains how things happen when going from SQL -> OLAP Cube that would be great. One thing I have noticed is that if one does not use tempstat when limiting dimensions on DML programs, they usually fail if called via SQL. I'm sure there is a very specific reason for this.

      I appreciate any input.