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    Integrator Data processing speed

      I am new to OEID. I am trying to run some scenarios in Endeca. The graph output is approximately 10 million rows and data store size is 4 Gb. In this scenario I have Integrator on my Laptop, the database and the Endeca server are running on Linux server. We have 100Mbps LAN. This run took approximately 65 minutes.

      Just to check if the LAN is limiting the speed of data store load, I tried running integrator on Linux server directly which has all the components in it(Endeca Server, Database, Integrator). Still it took same amount of time.

      So I was wondering is the normal time taken by Endeca to process this much amount of data? Is there any way to increase output speed of integrator(I enabled the Debug option on output edge, normally record count update in in increments of 14-18 K records)?