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    Hugh delay starting mapping (and other activities) within process flows

      We migrated OWB and the DB from 10.2 on AIX to 11.1.07 on Linux.

      On our old system, starting mappings from within a process flow was okay (90% within 1", 99% within 6").
      On our new system, mappings have a delay of 6-12" (for 90%) before they start.

      I found this difference comparing the logs all_rt_audit_executions.created_on and all_rt_audit_map_runs.start_time:

      SELECT e.task_type,
      CEIL((start_time-e.created_on)*24*60*60) AS delay_sec,
      FROM all_rt_audit_executions e
      LEFT OUTER JOIN all_rt_audit_map_runs r ON r.execution_audit_id = e.execution_audit_id

      Looking at all_rt_audit_executions.elapse_time shows, that also simple activities like AND, OR or WHILE LOOP have an avarage elapse time of 3", WHILE LOOP - with a simple compare of a variable - even of 8".

      What happen during this long time?
      How can I reduce this delay?


      A process flow has a loop with 5 activities (1 mapping, 2 procedures, WHILE, END).
      Unfortunately this loop runs for more than 1000 times.
      Don't give me hint to optimize the process flow or the mapping ...