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    Performance of Report

      Hi Experts,

      Suppose my report is taking 15 mins if i want speed up the performance of the report first from where i have to start the investigation weather from DATABASE level or RPD level or REPORT level...?

      What are the considerations i have to take.

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          Reddy G
          Check these..

          1)check in the Report any Cast,Nvl function are used,some times these will degrade the perf.
          2)Try to limit the values with filters in Reports or where conditions in RPD,Implement fragmentation if tables data is large to avoid whole table search,with fragmentation we will achieve smaller tables and search time is less..
          3)check the joins properly
          4)Check whether the indexes are applied or not in Database.
          5)Cache is enabled or not
          6)if possible try to partition large tables into smaller tables by using some portioning techniques
          5)use Hints in RPD.
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            Hi User ,

            Thanks for your quick reply .

            I will take all the above considerations for improving the performance of the report.

            But i want exact answer from where we have to start the investigation weather from DB or RPD or WEB.

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              Satya Ranki Reddy
              Hi Rafi,

              First take OBIEE query and try to execute in Database and check it time, similarly check the time sql query in database.(You can identify the where it will take time too much).

              The result output says Database:-

              Create Index, partitions you can improve performance.

              Report level.

              Check join conditions, try to use aggregate tables, try to use Filter conditions instead of case statements and enable to cache mechanism.

              Hope this help's

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