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    R12 Invoice Workbench field tab order

    Kristofer Cruz
      We have an issue in R12 invoice workbench screen and are wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue and found a fix. This involves the tab order of the fields.

      In invoice workbench form :

      Form Application : Payables
      Form Name : APXINWKB
      Form Path : /u02/oracle/ecrp/apps/apps_st/appl/ap/12.0.0/forms/US/APXINWKB.fmx
      Form Version : 12.0.601.12010000.27
      Form Last Modified : $Date: 2010/05/17 06:24 $

      If we rearrange the columns and save the folder, (for example, drag the Customer Taxpayer ID field to the right) doing SHIFT + F6 causes the cursor to be placed into the Customer Taxpayer ID field. In 11i this keeps the cursor in the field where is was but in R12 it moves it to this field. There are no personalizations on this form.

      In 11i if the column order was changed, the tab order was still left to right. However in 12.1.3 is appear this is broken. Or are we doing something wrong here?