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    Batch Load Skip Files

      I have a strange case of file being skipped when I am doing a batch load. We are loading historical data from Dec-2010 to Aug-2012. Data is split into one file per periode(month). What happens when I run the batch load script is that all files load perfectly, expect files containing data from May (2011 & 2012) and October (2011).
      I have tried to run a batch with only the files from May and October and then batch process skips completly.

      Is there any setting that might have been set that can cause this behavior or anything else that I should examine. Any help or clue will be much appreciated.
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          Stuart Game

          Are you getting any logs produced, if so do they show the file being processed at all? It could be that the POV concerned is locked in which case FDM will not import the file but it should do some processing.

          Do the files get moved from the OpenBatch folder?

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            File get moved from OpenBatch folder and into the batch folder, even if I run only the file that gets skipped, but no logs are produced. Periods does not appear to be locked, that was my first thought as well.
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              Stuart Game
              Assume you have tried / checked the following:

              - File name convention is ok
              - content of file is ok
              - try putting content from a successful file into file that is skipped and see if that works
              - can you manually import / process the files that are being skipped?
              - have you looked in the underlying relational tables / FDM reports to see which files are included in the batch collection?

              I'm afraid it sounds like you are going to have to troubleshoot step by step to try to find where the issue is.

              Hope this helps
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                Have you checked the standard FDM batch reports. I cannot remember the names off-hand, but the first report listed i think is the batch summary and should show the batch executing, and is likely to indicate if it is a file naming error / POV issue. If this reports indicates that the batch is ok, the second report in might indicate what the error is.
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                  File name convention is kept and the content of the file are good, if I change May-2011 to Apr-2011 and thereby load May's data into April it works just fine. Have also tried renaming Apr-2011 file to May-2011 and then it is skipped as well. Manual import of the files that are skipped works wihtout problem.
                  When running just the files that are being skipped, I had the script write the count of files in the batch collection and that part of the process picks up the correct number of files, in this case 3, but then they are skipped in the batch execute step.

                  Can this have something to do with Metadata setting in HFM? Problem started after Metadata was changed in HFM and thus we had to load all historical data again. Before that it loaded fine to May and October. At least I don't remember having this problem before.
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                    Stuart Game
                    So is the data getting in to FDM as part of the batch but not to HFM?
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                      This is what the standard batch error report is telling me

                      5201205@LOCATION5@ACT@MAY-2012@RM.TXT False LOCATION5 ACT may-2012 rm 8/30/2012 7:36:24 PM
                      Application Defined Error
                      Type Source Value Desc / Action
                      Invalid POV = Location: LOCATION5,
                      Period: may-2012, Category: ACT

                      To me that doesn't make much sense since I can still load it manually.
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                        No, data does not get into FDM for May and October, but for all other periods it does get in.
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                          Stuart Game
                          The error message implies it is an issue with your point of view, has anything changed in either the location or period / category control tables?

                          It could of course be one of those 'helpful' error messages that doesn't actually tell you anything of use.
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                            What I have tried is to delete one of the troubled periods, May-2011, and then create again in the control tables. This should correct any hick ups in the database system, but it still does the same thing skips the file and does not load anything. I am leaning more and more towards it is something in HFM that is causing this problem.
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                              the most likely for what you have described is the period description. It is sometimes difficult to see if spaces have been included / excluded e.g. May-2011, May - 2011 etc. does the period in the filename match the way the description is in the Period table? I don't have access to FDM at the moment but i think it gets pulled through from HFM into the period table so has it been defined correctly in HFM? I have fallen for that trick in the past, and although obvious once identified, can have you pulling your hair out until you spot it. This may also be why the file loads when loaded manually as the POV period is just pulled through from the period table by FDM.
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                                It will be the period description, however if you have other periods working with the batch load successfully I doubt its an issue with spacing. You mention May and October specifically which is interesting because it may be something to do with the default regional settings on the server. If they are not US or UK the names of your months i.e. May and October will be different. Try checking if this is the issue.
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                                  It might be a silly comment, but just looking at your earlier comment regarding the error report, it shows the period in Upper case then the error portion in lower case. Have you tried lower case?.

                                  Also have you dropped the table to excel to view the contents or had access to the database table (Is it SQL or Oracle?).
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                                    Thanks for all your replies. It could the server setting, as it is a Danish server, but it should be set up to run US English. I haven't tried with the Danish months yet, but will do so shortly and come back with the result.

                                    I have tried channging the cases to all lower and then to all upper and everything in between and it doesn't work.
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