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    HttpServletRequest.getHeaders("accept") does not return the correct results

      I noticed that when I use the invoke the HttpServletRequest.getHeaders("accept") method I do not get the result that I am expecting.

      For instance, if the browser passes over the following accept header:


      When i invoke the getHeaders() method, instead of it returning me a single value with the string that was passed over, it returns me 4 separate entries. It looks like Iplanet is parsing the header value and breaking it up by commas.

      When I run the same code in TomCat, it returns the single comma separated string as I would expect.

      Is there anything to keep Iplanet from breaking apart the header value?

      I am running Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.15 B04/19/2012 21:52

      Thanks In Advance,


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