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    32K limit APEX Listener 2

    Fadi Samara Guest
      Hi All,

      Does anyone know if the new beta release Listener 2 fixed the 32K limit on data save/retrieve to/from database?

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          as far as I know, this is not really an APEX Listener specific limitation, but one for APEX in general. See threads like {thread:id=1555342} for a few points on that issue.
          Because APEX Listener uses the same "entries" for APEX, this won't change with the upcoming release for APEX Listener 2.
          Depending on your actual use case, there might be ways to workaround that limitation, e.g. for PDF Printing as [url http://marcsewtz.blogspot.de/2012/02/dynamic-images-in-pdf-what-32k-limit.html]posted by Marc in his blog.