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    Downgrading catalog from to

      I developed RPD & all required reports in But I am supposed to use only Now I am in the process of downgrading RPD and web catalog.

      I installed in another machine and I did the downgrade of RPD easily with nqgenoldverrpd.exe utility delivered with OBIEE.

      Now I am getting issues mainly with downgrading catalog. I copied the catalog folder from to Pointed the catalog. I restarted the servers & I am able to see the report listing there. When I clicked "Open" link, I am getting following error:

      Line:2, Col:238, Datatype error: Type:InvalidDatatypeValueException, Message:Value '201201160' is not in enumeration .

      When I checked the complete XML Error output it points to XMLVersion datatype is not in enumeration. I have two questions.

      1. I have a doubt whether the method I am following is right? If not can anyone elaborate what to do for catalog downgrading?
      2. If the method is right - What do I need to do to rectify this issue?

      Can any one help?

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