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    Courier font being displayed as Symbol font for only modified fields

      I have an existing RDF file. Developed in Report Builder6 as a Bitmap report - one repeating frame and 2 fields inside this. On Sun Sparc Unix server (database is UTF8), rwrun60c is executed with parameters DESTYPE=FILE, MODE=BITMAP. The resulting postscript file includes the Courier font as expected.

      If I open this RDF in Report Builder 6, go into Layout Model, and simply cut and re-paste one of the layout fields. When I save this new RDF, and run it the same way as above the postscript file no longer uses Courier for the field that was cut and pasted - it is replaced by Symbol font. The "untouched" layout field is Courier as expected.

      Has anyone come across this?

      It seems as if ANY change to the layout objects results in them losing their font information as stored in the RDF when they're run. I've checked the RDF itself using "scripts xxx.rdf | grep -i symbol" and there is definitely NO other fonts contained in RDF except Courier.