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    Not able to receive the PO in mobile

      Hello All,
      We recently changed a inventory org to WMS enabled org. I created a PO in the org and then approved it.
      But i am not able to see that PO in the lov. The PO number does not show in the LOV in mobile. But i am able to receive it in forms.
      We are in 12.0.4.
      Please let me knwo what is the fix?

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          Perform steps below:
          1. goto Organization Acess form in Inventory
          verify/add new entry as org code, warehouse management, Whse Mgmt.
          2. Verify that for Whse Mgmt responsibility, MO: Operating Unit is set correctly.
          3. Verify on th PO Shipments that the org where you intend to receive material is same as the org that we are talking about.
          4. once you login to MSCA, you should now be able to see the PO.