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    A Web application + API for non web clients

      Hi there,

      I am new to the java enterprise world, i have a query regarding the application i am developing currently, I am not sure this is the exact category to ask this question but please help me on this.

      In very simple terms my applications job is to give a listing or view of files distributed across network.
      For this I need to have a webApp which can provide a view to all web clients. (where view is nothing but listing of files independent of there location)
      Because this view tells nothing more than files , and i am as data center administrator cannot tell much about data, so we need to provide APIs so other applications (WebAPP or anything else)
      can present the view in more data specific terms.

      The webapp part is fine with me, but how do i support API being on an application server like glassfish.

      Please help me on this.

      Thanks in advance