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    Upd form - protect fields from upd but retain values on submission

      Hi folks

      Apologies if this is a really basic question ...

      I have a form on table allowing saves / upds. For certain users I want just one field (i.e Notes) on page to be updateable all others to be displayed but protected.

      Created a dynamic action on page load which I fire based on some sql to check user access. Its disables all fields apart from (hidden key of row) and Notes field When page gets submitted though the existing values get cleared /wiped in the database.

      To get round this I created a 2nd dynamic action to enable all fields before page submit.

      This works but there's a brief flicker as screen fields change from disabled to enabled whenever submit / save pressed.

      Am I missing something obvious ... as I think there must be a better way to do this i.e protect fields but still pass them to database on saving.

      Any help / suggestions very much appreciated.
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          Denes Kubicek
          Disabling the fields or making them readonly and changing the background color is the same. In the case you make them read only, you don't need to change the status prior to saving. However, this is not secure enough. The only security is if you create a custom saving process and update only those fields the user may update. Otherways any user with a bit HTML knowledge can abuse it and save whatever he wants.

          Denes Kubicek
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