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    BUG: ODT filling Windows registery with 1000s of entries, VS won't load!

      I noticed that lately my Visual Studio 2010 takes long and longer to load, until today when after 30mins (without even getting a splash screen) I opened up SysInternals' procmon.exe and found out why, before giving up and killing it.

      Apparently all it was doing was reading over and over from:


      I opened up regedit.exe (had to kill devenv.exe for this) and immediately (after regedit ceased being stuck) found the cause.

      This registry key had 1133 items * 9 values per item, out of which items 23 to 1133 were all Oracle items (OracleCommand, OracleCommandBuilder, OracleConnection, OracleDataAdapter over and over again).

      After deleting all the above values VS2010 loaded in about a minute.