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    Export from Designer to another tool.

      We are looking at migrating an Oracle Designer physical and logical data model to another modelling tool.

      What are the export capabilities of Oracle designer beyond a standard DB export .dmp file, which I believe cannot be used by other tools.


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          Mark Striekwold

          You could use Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler to import from Oracle Designer. After the import you can choose to export it in different kind of formats or just use Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

          You can also find a post about exporting designer to Erwin: Exporting a Designer Diagram to ERWin


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            Thanks Mark..

            Slightly more detail, we are looking to export Logical and physical data models to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

            I can import see that we can export from Designer to SqlDeveloper, however I dont think there is an export format from here to import into Enterprise Architect..

            Any Ideas??
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              Looking over the docs for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, it looks to me like it is using an RDBMS for a repository (which is a big advantage IMHO). So theoretically, you could write migration scripts that will copy data from Designer's repository to EA's. Unfortunately, to do that correctly, you'd have to thoroughly understand the contents and structure of both repositories. I'd love to convince Sparx to do that, but I doubt that they would.

              No, I think you'll have to do it the way that was suggested for ERWin - export the DDL from the physical model, then import the DDL into EA, then reverse engineer to a logical model if desired. I do that myself to move physical models from SDDM to JDeveloper.