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    Wrong number or types of argument for Object Type

      While calling stored procedure i am getting following error

      PLS-S-00306, wrong number or types of arguments in call to PR_PROCESS_BASKET

      specifications of package are as follow
                                    PI2        IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI3          IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI4           IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI5     IN DATE,
                                    PI_6 IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI7   IN NUMBER,
                                    PI_8         IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI_9           IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI_11   IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI_12    IN NUMBER,
                                    PI_13         IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI_14            IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PI_15          IN VARCHAR2,
                                   PI_dtsl IN BASKET_RECORD_ARRAY,
                                    PI_17         IN VARCHAR2,
                                    PO_18           OUT VARCHAR2,
                                    PO_19             OUT VARCHAR2);
      I am getting error for BasketRecordArray input.

      definition of BASKET_RECORD_ARRAY is
      CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE "TYPE_BASKET_RECORD"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AS OBJECT
      EXCH_ID   VARCHAR2(6),
      SEQ_NO    NUMBER(2),
      SECID     VARCHAR2(30),
      VAL       NUMBER(20,5),
      ACTION    VARCHAR2(1)
      Using ott i have created OCI structure of the same and included in my proc application.
      I have provided INTYPE as file generated by ott.
      I have declared pointer of OCI structure and passed it to stored procedure .
      But still I am getting error "PLS-S-00306, wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'PR_PROCESS_BASKET'"
      proc compilation.