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    Validate a Property value

      I have a Requirement where i have to Validate a property value.

      The Property value can be alphanumeric containing only these special characters [comma],/,#.

      How can i validate this property so that it does not+ take any other special character* whatsoever in its value.

      Please advise.
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          Would a query work or does it have to be a validation?
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            It has to be a validation and with the help of my teammate..Got a rather simple solution/workaround.


            A nested Replace String function to replace all the allowed special characters with "Nothing" and at the end we should/would get a string which is only alpha numeric with spaces. For E.g. In the above expression alllowed special characters are # and @. To Include more special characters expand the nest of ReplaceStr.

            If the IsAlphaNumeric produces a False the validation fails, and passes if it produces True.

            Hope it made sense.
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              Nice answer. Thank you.