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    [URGENT] help needed - Provide "Search User" option only to an Admin Role

      We want to create an Admin Role that only gives "Search User" capability. Using "List Users" admingroup, disables the "Accounts" page completely.
      "View User" capability provides the search criteria under "List Accounts" and "Find Users".

      However, it gives option to select a user and see his details. We want to prevent this deep-dive view. The "View" drop-down under "User Menu" on List Accounts" page and "View" Button after search results fromn "Find Users" tab should be removed.

      Is there any way to specify objects in User Actions Interface on conditional basis? Currently, they are driven by "View ONly" right on "User". Removing "View ONly" however, removes access to "Accounts" tab completely.

      Please advise URGENTLY!