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    Radio group different color labels


      I'm trying to change the labels in my radio group. ie. I have a radio group with three static fields. stop, slow, go. I want to change the label colors to red, orange, green.

      Is there a way to do this? I've tried using Javascript with no luck. I'm using APEX 4.1.1


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          The APEX engine generates ID attributes for the radio buttons in the group using the item name + a zero based index. For example if the radio group item is <tt>P6_CATEGORY</tt>, then the 3 button IDs would be <tt>P6_CATEGORY_0</tt>, <tt>P6_CATEGORY_1</tt> and <tt>P6_CATEGORY_2</tt>. These can be used in attribute selectors for each button label in a CSS style sheet placed in the page HTML Header:
          label[for="P6_CATEGORY_0"] {
            color: red;
          label[for="P6_CATEGORY_1"] {
            color: orange;
          label[for="P6_CATEGORY_2"] {
            color: green;