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    Essbase/FDQM Validation of records

      Hello Experts,

      There was a requirement where we have to process one given week's metadata from ODI to Essbase after all the masters for all the required dimensions were build.
      Now when the interface files(for that given week) are getting processed to load into essbase, we need to have a validation built in which will check with the processed metadata information and if any exceptional record found then we sould not load it. But here we have a problem, The metadata(members) for the exceptional record will be there in the cube as we have processed all the masters earlier but that metadata HAS NOT been processed for that week.

      Our initial thought was load that week's metadata by pointing to a dummy measure called No_Account which a unique value 0 or 1 so that we can identify which slice of the cube we processed for that week and when the interface data comes we have to match with that slice of the processed metadata and load it

      We worked with FDQM on this but facing issues with validations.

      How we can achieve this? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.