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    11.2.2 Communication link failure

      Hi all, I hope somebody can point me in the right direction for resolve this problem.
      /opt/TimesTen/tt1122/bin/ttIsqlCS -connStr "DSN=TT_PERFORMANCE" -v 4

      Copyright (c) 1996-2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.
      Type ? or "help" for help, type "exit" to quit ttIsql.

      connect "DSN=TT_PERFORMANCE";

      Source File: command.c on line number 1054
      SQL State: 08S01
      Native Error Code: 0
      Error Message: [TimesTen][TimesTen CLIENT]Communication link failure. System call recv() failed with OS error 42. Unknown Network Error: 42

      Source File: appcntxt.c on line number 510
      SQL State: S1010
      Native Error Code: 0
      Error Message: [TimesTen][TimesTen CLIENT]Function sequence error
      The command failed.
      The command succeeded.
      The two host set up (server - client) was working with 11.2.1 and I have tried to install the latest version.
      I have just installed on both sever and client, the database up migrated up to 1122, but a connect fails with the above error.
      The server reports the following
      11:35:19.37 Warn: : 4263: Bad request '' from socket.
      11:35:19.37 Info: : 4263: maind 12: socket closed, calling recovery (last cmd was 12)
      11:35:19.37 Info: : 4263: 0 ------------------: process exited
      11:35:19.56 Info: : 4263: << Date : Tue Sep 4 11:35:19 2012 >>

      The odbc.ini file for the user connecting is
      [ODBC Data Sources]
      TT_PERFORMANCE=TimesTen 11.2.2 Client Driver


      What configuration have I missed to get this error?
      for any help