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    Invoking A BPM Process

      Hi All,

      1. What is general architectural practice of exposing a BPM Process? We are into development and currently calling BPM processes directly using WSDL URLs generated by EM.
      2. In how many ways can we expose a BPM process? For e.g. a) Web Service b) EJB Service ???
      3. What is most widely used method/architecture of calling a BPM Process?
      4. What is most widely used tool/API to call BPM process?


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          Invoking a BPM process via web service call is probably the most common way... Pretty much any tool capable of invoking webservices can then invoke your BPM...

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            yes, the most common way to invoke the BPM process is via Web Service. Alternatively you can use the BPM API to invoke the BPM Process.

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              Jang-Vijay Singh
              A BPM process 'start' activity can have many implementations, only one of them is 'Message' (i.e. a web service interface).
              A process can also be instantiated using a 'signal' / event if you're adopting a loosely coupled, event driven architecture (read about Oracle Event delivery network).

              To see all your options, right click on your 'Start' -> Properties -> Implementation -> Implementation type

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                Can someone teach me how to or show me an example that I can call 'Message Start Event' with SoapUI.

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