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    UNICODE conversion of Siebel Database- Impact on interface

      Hi All,

      This is regarding the impacts on Interfaces after Siebel database UNICODE conversion.

      We are planning to do a UNICODE conversion of the Siebel database.In the current landscape we have Siebel interacting with multiple application which are non UNICODE.
      Majority of the interfaces(outbound/inbound) are batch interfaces which either use file or PL/SQL + EIM for the data transfer.

      We have the following queries about the impact on the Interfaces post conversion

      1) the Interfaces which are outbound from siebel to non -unicode database what will be impact on these interface.
      2) For the above mentioned interfaces do we need to do some conversion of data before it gets loaded to non unicode database.
      3) for the inbound interfaces will the siebel unicode data base will allow the data which is flowing from non unicode database.

      Could you please guide me with your experiences which will help us in planning this conversion.

      Do let us know if there must to consider points for Siebel database unicode conversions

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          Did you already start on the Unicode conversion?
          We contacted Oracle, but so far they only said we need to go through a workshop where we can estimate the impact on the interfaces.
          Since we need to do a cost/benefit analyses before we decide to do this, it's hard to do so when you don't know the impact on the interfaces.

          In our case we use EIM, Web Services, MSMQ (XML) and flat files.
          Anyone with experience with a conversion to Unicode and impact on interfaces?

          Ji Yong