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    FDM Export file period name is wrong

      Hello All,

      While clicking Export in four fish process, file name shows incorrect POV period in Target system load pop up box. For ex: If POV period selected for P8, file name shows as Location07.Dat instead of Location08.Dat. For each period POV, file name shows previous period in file.

      Kindly provide me your thoughts.

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          the details for the file format from the FDM API guide are listed below. do you by any chance have Period 8 in the FDM period table ending in July?

          an example i just tried has the period table record as follows:

          Period End Date = 1/31/07
          Prior end Date = 31/12/06
          Text Desc - Jan - 2007
          Target Period = P6

          The created export file gives LOCATION018.DAT (Where 8 is the next sequence number, and 01 the period - i.e. it is the FDM period not the target application period.)

          FDM (Main) Data Window (upsWDataWindowDM.dll) clsUtilities
          Generate a unique export file name using the format of: Location Name + Month + Sequence + .DAT.
          ByVal strLoc As String, ByVal strFolderPath As String, ByVal dtePeriodKey As Date
          strLoc Location name to use in file name
          strFolderPath Folder path to create file in
          dtePeriodKey Date value to use for month segment of file name