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    Not able to send attachments to requester in AP Invoice Approval Workflow

      Hi Folks,
      We are on 12.1.3 Apps.

      We want to be able to send attachments at the invoice header level with the invoice approval workflow email as attachments. The standard workflow does not provide this functionality.

      We were able to achieve this functionality using the approach given here: http://oracle.anilpassi.com/send-binary-attachments-with-notifications-in-workflow.html

      Basically we added a document type attribute to the notification message, and set a BLOB variable to it inside our custom procedure, which is set as the function for the notification: DOCUMENT_APPROVAL_REQUEST.

      Now we are able to see the attachments coming as attachments in approval request emails to the approvers. But the issue is that the first approver on the list, the requester is not seeing the attachments. All the other approvers can see the attachments. We have checked the WF Role for the user and the Notification preference is set as MAILHTML

      As far as i can see, same notification and same message is used to send the email to all approvers including requester. Then why only requester is not getting the attachments?

      If anyone has worked on a similar requirement please let us know.

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