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    SPARC T4-1/Solaris 11/Add 2 new HDDs in RAID 0 configuration


      Couple of sentences for background: I'm a software developer, whose task was to create a server software for our customer. Software is ready for deployment and customer has a new T4-1 SPARC, but somehow it also became my task also to setup the server. I have managed to get the server is up and running (Solaris was pre-installed), and software works on it.
      Our server is SPARC T4-1 running Solaris 11. There are 2 HDDs in the system now (in HDD0 and HDD4 slots), and now we would like to add another two in raid 0 configuration (striped) for better performance.
      I'm fairly proficient in Linux, so unix environment doesn't feel out of place for me, but configuring and administering Solaris is all new to me (this is my first time to touch one)

      Can someone help me with some concrete step-by-step instructions how to
      - Choose which slots I should populate with the new HDDs ?
      - How can I configure & format, to mount them in raid 0 configuratin ?

      I'm sure in proficient hands, this should be walk in the park, but for me unfortunately I'm not even sure where to start. If this was a clean system, I could easily start trial and error setup, but I don't want to mess-up customers server, as it's now working as hoped..
      Thank you for any help!


      Current configuration:

      $ prtconf -l |more
      ORCL,SPARC-T4-1 location: /dev/chassis//SYS/HDD0/disk
      scsi_vhci, instance #0 location: /dev/chassis//SYS/HDD0/disk
      disk, instance #4 location: /dev/chassis//SYS/HDD0/disk
      disk, instance #6 location: /dev/chassis//SYS/HDD4/disk

      $ diskinfo
      D:devchassis-path c:occupant-compdev
      /dev/chassis//SYS/HDD0/disk c0t5000CCA0259D2B78d0
      /dev/chassis//SYS/HDD4/disk c0t5000CCA0259C678Cd0

      $ cfgadm -al
      Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
      c2 scsi-sas connected configured unknown
      c2::dsk/c2t6d0 CD-ROM connected configured unknown
      c4 scsi-sas connected configured unknown
      c4::w5000cca0259d2b79,0 disk-path connected configured unknown
      c5 scsi-sas connected unconfigured unknown
      c6 scsi-sas connected configured unknown
      c6::w5000cca0259c678d,0 disk-path connected configured unknown
      c7 scsi-sas connected unconfigured unknown
      -- USB stuff from here... --