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    Oracle11i - Unable to approve and cancel PO

      Hi All,

      Issue Description:

      My user has reported that while trying to approve 2 purchase orders, she is getting the following error message :

      The user has the role as BUYER but still not able to approve the PO. User is getting error message as follows:

      "Item is restricted, supplier is not on the approved supplier list or the supplier status assigned to this supplier does not allow approval".

      Analysis made by me as below:

      Checked the item against the supplier and supplier site in the approved supplier lists using the below query:

      select distinct b.segment1 supplier_num,a.owning_organization_id,b.vendor_name,c.vendor_site_code,a.disable_flag,d.segment1,d.segment2,d.description
      from po_approved_supplier_list a,
      po_vendors b,
      po_vendor_sites_all c,
      mtl_system_items_b d
      where a.vendor_id = b.vendor_id
      and a.vendor_site_id = c.vendor_site_id
      and d.inventory_item_id = a.item_id
      and c.org_id = a.owning_organization_id
      and a.item_id = xxxxxx

      The above item does not exist in the ASL.

      Requested the user to perform the following options to get this resolved:
      1. Enable the ASL for the item for the specific org for which it is failing in Approved Supplier List.
      2. Set ASL for different supplier and it's site for the same item and then create PO for that supplier and site.
      3. Need to disable 'Use Approved Supplier Flag' in item attribute if you wish to create PO for that item without any approved supplier list.

      User Response:

      User had adjusted the cost to another PO and now wants to cancel this PO. But neither user nor his supervisor has access to approve and cancel the PO. I requested user to delete the erroring line and then try approving and cancelling but user not able to perform the same. Also user no longer wants this PO.

      Can somebody suggest how to approve and cancel this PO?