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    Xlet run time environment for linux

      Hi All,

      I need to make Xlet application and LWUIT run on linux environment
      My queries are
      1)What are available run time environment having Xlet LWUIT support.
      note. I tried xltetview.jar it runs xlet but doenot support LWUIt

      2)I donot want Xlet to run on emulator but to run as desktop application like java SWING application.

      3)I tried downloading ojec-1.1-rr-bin-b38-linux-x86-generic-product-23_apr_2012 for Linux but its not installable binary and the cvm tool available in it on running in command prompt doesnot run normal java .class file as well.

      I would be glad if some one can point me right direction.

      Thanks and Regards