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      whats wrong with this syntax
      run ('form_name');

      when I compile this code it shows run identifier must be declared..

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          Christian Erlinger
          I am not aware of a run built-in. I guess what you want is call_form or open_form. Search the forms builder help on how to use them.

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            François Degrelle
            I confirm that the RUN() built-in does not exist in Oracle Forms. Maybe it is an internal or external program unit/procedure, but this is not a standard Forms built-in.

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              Mark Frankenfield
              The run() built-in came from Forms 3.0 and was deprecated with forms 4.5, you might find some VERY old examples with it, but nothing new.
              It was essentially a 'shortcut' for run_product();

              run_product() would actually support calling forms from reports, graphics, or even forms itself but was not a frequently used feature. Support for that was dropped except for graphics in 9.0.X