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    projected on hand quantity calculation logic

      Hi ,

      I am trying to extract information for projected on hand quantities.
      Here were my findings
      this table has one column called ON_HAND_QUANTITY which stores Projected on hand quantity based on accumulating supply and Demand ( as per trm), However this table is a temporary table and data is also session specific, data will be gone once the session get closed.
      2. From Inventory user guide I got a point that "The projected on hand quantity of the item is , defined as Current Available + all future sources of supply and - all future sources of demand."

      Now my question is
      a. Is there a direct table for calculating projected on hand quantity in application.
      b. How do I calculate current available quantity then future source of suuply and future sources of demand.

      Thanks in advance
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          ~ There is no direct table to get the projected inventory details.

          ~ Current on hand Qty for a given item shall be obtained from ON HAND QTY table.
          For calculating the future supply upto a patricular date, all the expected supplies such as Receipts, Jobs, Internal SO transfer, etc to be considered.

          For calculating the future demand, qty required for SO demand, forecast demand, ISO demand etc to be considered.

          Projected Inventory = Current Stock (OHQ) + Expected Supply - Expected Demand.