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    Randomly Headstart 65 QMS-00100 and ORA-06508 errors on 11.1.2

      After migration of application server from 10g AS R2 to Forms Fusion Middleware 11.1.2 and database from to .
      Forms are 10g forms compiled on the 11against the 11g database
      Running on X64 Windows server 2008r2
      Application is rinning fine but we are randomly getting QMS-00100 and ORA-06508 errors.
      Despite of compiling library’s and packages repeatedly.
      All forms and packages compiled in following order:
      -headstart packages
      -headstart librabrys
      No compilation errors are detected.
      There are no invalid objects.

      While using the application we receive at random QMS-00100 and ORA-06508 errors. After closing the form and reopening the form the errors disappear mostly.
      Different users providing the same actions, one gets errors, another user has no problems.
      Oracle support suggested Note 1170133.1 : "ORA-06508 Error Raised When Closing Called Form with Attached Libraries" could be a simular problem.
      In Note 1170133.1 is advised to install patch 11741170.
      The most recent replacement for this patch is 13354162.

      In the patch 13354162 readme I read:
      Ensure that your Oracle Database installation is the same release for which you are applying this patch. In other words, only apply the Release Bundle patch to an Oracle Database Release

      We are running 11.1.2.
      Is this patch compatible with our version?
      Could this solve the problem

      Thanks in advance