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    Connected Android device not detected....

      I'm trying to deploy to my android device (Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 Android version 3.2).
      It is connected to my development laptop and I do have USB Debugging enabled.

      JDeveloper does not find the device.....

      Here is my deployment log:

      [01:16:17 PM] Updating Android profile dependencies with FAR profiles created from application projects...
      [01:16:17 PM] ---- Deployment started. ----
      [01:16:17 PM] Target platform is (Android).
      [01:16:17 PM] Checking state of Android Debug Bridge server...
      [01:16:23 PM] Started Android Debug Bridge server.
      [01:16:23 PM] Verifying a single Android device is online and connected to the ADB server...
      [01:16:23 PM] Shutting down Android Debug Bridge server...
      [01:16:23 PM] Deployment cancelled.
      [01:16:23 PM] ---- Deployment incomplete ----.
      [01:16:23 PM] Failed to detect a connected Android device. (oracle.adfmf.framework.dt.deploy.android.deployers.CheckAttachedDevicesDeployer)

      Even after restarting JDeveloper and/or the device, it still is not recognized.
      I'm using a windows7 laptop here.

      Regards Luc