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    Unable to load the records into S_PRI_LST_ITEM


      We are trying to load data into S_PRI_LST, S_PRI_LST_BU, S_PRI_LST_ITEM.Data is sucessfully loaded into S_PRI_LST, S_PRI_LST_BU,but the record is not inserted into S_PRI_LST_ITEM.
      1)To insert records into S_PRI_LST_ITEM, PRI_LST_ID and PROD_ID are requried FK's on S_PRI_LST_ITEM and to resolve this respective EIM columns are populate.T_PRILSTITE_PRODID,T_PRILSTITE_PRILST is also resolved with S_PROD_INT.ROW_ID and S_PRI_LST.ROW_ID respectively
      2)All other requried flags are populated.
      3)Verified LOG,but unable to find any details on PARITALLY_IMPORTED on the table S_PRI_LST_ITEM.
      4)Increased log levels and found that insert statement is created by EIM job to insert records into S_PRI_LST, S_PRI_LST_BU,but EIM job unable to create insert stmt to load records into S_PRI_LST_ITEM.

      Please let us know what will be the excat reason.


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