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    Down Strems Latency Gap

      Hi all,

      When i am trying to create an Index on my Replication Database (Down Stream), my replication got stop. The Index which i am trying to create is very huge and i need to create a lot more Indexes. Is there any possible way to over come this situation with minimal latency gap or way to create index faster.

      I am using Nologging option while creating the index. My db is 11g R2

      Thanks In Advance..
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          The name of this forum is "Streams."

          I see nothing in your posting that tells me what type of replication you are doing.
          What version you are doing it in ... 11gR2 could be three different versions.
          Your definition of "huge"
          What technology you are using to create the indexes ... for example are you using DBMS_INDEX_UTL?
          Whether your "huge" tables are indexed?
          etc. etc. etc.
          Not even why you are creating all these indexes and how you have verified the need for them.

          So no help is possible at this time.