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    Connection pool failed to create pool

      I have tried to create a pool using OCCI (linux platform). I found it returns error at the createConnectionPool statement.

      ConnectionString = "rac-st.check.com:1521/st.check.com";
      orclcount= 5;

      Environment *m_pEnv = Environment::createEnvironment (Environment::THREADED_MUTEXED);
      +ConnectionPool *orclPool = m_pEnv->createConnectionPool("orclpool","orclpool",ConnectionString , 4, orclcount, 2);+
      if(orclPool) cout<<"pooled"<<endl;
      else cout<<"connection pool failed!!"<<endl;


      After that I will go for

      "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied".
      The Pool name and Pool password are just created here. Get a connection is afterwards process. ["orclpool","orclpool"] is defined here. Or do i need to do any configuration for this on DBAdmin side?
      But before that I need to create a pool, where iam fall apart. What am i doing wrong?

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