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    Exporting Naive Bayes PMML

      I have Oracle 11g and SQL Developer 3.2 installed on my machine. In Oracle Data Miner, I have created a Naive Bayes model. I want to export it in PMML format. I tried using PL/SQL package DBMS_DATA_MINING. But it exports only Decision Tree model in PMML format. I'm not able to figure it out using JAVA api.

      Is there a way to export Naive Bayes in PMML format?
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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          Only Decision Tree is supported for PMML export.
          Of course there is an export/import model api for all Data Mining models, it just is not in PMML format.
          There has not been much demand for PMML export as most users like having the models persisted in the data base where they can be easily used to score etc.
          What use case do you have for exporting PMML?
          BTW, ODM does have some support for PMML import in case that is of interest.
          Thanks, Mark
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            Thank you Mark for the quick reply.

            As part of DMG initiative (http://www.dmg.org/), we at SAS are building support for processing PMML's representing different models created by various vendors like R, KNIME etc.

            So I was trying to obtain few PMMLs representing various models using Oracle Data Miner.

            Anyways, thank you again for your prompt reply.