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    Clone Agile PLM

      Hi all,

      We have a task to move Agile PLM from one server to another server.
      1. we are shutdown the agile Instance and we took complete backup
      2. moved this backup to new server.
      But we don't know how to startup the agile in new server, please help me.

      Agile is Installed on Linux Server. Please let me know if any notes are available for "Agile cloning"


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      Edited by: skjb on Sep 6, 2012 5:12 AM
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          Ron M-Oracle
          Are you asking about Agile A9?
          This forum is for the Agile PLM for Process product suite, not for the Agile A9 suite including PPM.
          For Agile A9 or Primavera questions, you can use Oracle Support, Support Communities, Yahoo Groups for Agile API or WRAU.
          This forum is for Agile PLM for Process, which is part of the same Agile family but a different product.
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            Thanks for the response Ron, Sorry for the late response from my side.......

            FYI, We are using AGILE PLM 9.3.3. I am asking about is there any document or any process that you know to clone/migrate this Agile from one server to another [Linux 4.6].

            I copied Agile from server1 to server2. and I edited all the required files in database side and startup the database. Now the database and the db listener is up and running fine. But I dont know how to configure the Agile application on new server to bring it up. Please help me.

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              Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
              Please see if these docs help.

              How to Change hostname of Agile Application Server which is Deployed in Weblogic [ID 1504195.1]
              How To Change Agile Database To New Host [ID 780706.1]

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                Thanks Hussein.

                I will refer these docs and get back to you...