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    Migration SHM to MP


      Our client has 3 machines with identical configurations and services.
      Each machine has 3 different domains, and multuples GTWDOMAIN.
      The settings for each machine is SHM.

      Currently the environment is very stable and supports the load perfectly.

      Question: It is desirable, propose a MP schema? What would be the benefits?

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Martin,

          As to whether it's desirable is largely up to the customer. Many customers use the sort of configuration you describe, while many other use MP configurations. The trade-offs as I see them are:

          MP Mode:
          Potentially easier administration as you only have one domain to configure, single security environment, single UBBCONFIG, etc.
          Maybe better load balancing, although with Tuxedo 12c and TSAM 12c, load balancing in MP configurations will be excellent
          If you are using global transactions, transactions crossing machines will be tightly coupled and only require one transaction log write.
          No need to configure imports/exports in the domain gateway as all services will be available on all machines automatically

          Multiple SHM domains:
          Machines are loosely coupled, i.e., no shared state, don't have t o know how to perform master and/or server group migration
          Potentially higher cross machine messaging performance as you can run multiple domain gateways to increase throughput

          Both configurations will work just fine and both are used by lots of customers. I will say that we've done a lot of enhancements for MP domains over the last couple of releases and on Exalogic, MP configurations are da bomb, and will get even more amazing in future releases.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect