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    Connecting SoapUI to Endeca Server (v2.3)

      Hello OEID forum,

      I deployed the Endeca Quickstart (v2.3) on my local machine and have been having issues in connecting SoapUI to the dgraph. As a quick note, I've had no problems in using SoapUI with Latitude 2.2.2 in the past.

      Here's what I've tried:

      1. Started Endeca Server
      2. Started Studio
      3. Logged into Studio, to prove that the Endeca Server is up and providing data to the application (it is, all portlets are populated with data)
      4. In a browser, went to http://localhost:7771/ws/conversation/quickstart?wsdl, and observed that a WSDL is displayed in the browser window
      5. In SoapUI, I open a new project and configure it to fetch the WSDL from http://localhost:7771/ws/conversation/quickstart?wsdl, and get the following error message (after a lengthy wait):

      *"Error loading [http://localhost:7771/ws/conversation/quickstart?wsdl]: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out"*

      Looking at the C:\Oracle\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\logs\quickstart.reqlog, I see the following as the last entry matching my attempt to connect with SoapUI:

      "1346942400358 ::ffff: - 35 80910 25.56 23.13 200 - -1 1 /ws/conversation/quicktart?wsdl - User-Agent%3A+Jakarta+Commons-HttpClient%2F3.1%0D%0AHost%3A+localhost%3A7771%0D%0A"

      I also read somewhere in this forum that a timeout exception could be due to low memory on the server machine, however my quickstart dgraph is running on a development machine and has access to all its resources (4GB RAM still free after having other applications running). Also, I'd expect an out-of-memory exception to be displayed (either in the dgraph console window, or in a log) if that was the root cause.

      The quickstart dgraph starts with these arguments (looking at the console):

      2811 [main] INFO [ProcessHandler] Executing: C:\Oracle\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\dgraph\bin\dgraph.exe out C:\Oracle\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\logs\quickstart.out pidfile C:\Oracle\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\logs\quickstart.pid --log C:\Oracle\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\logs\quickstart.reqlog port 7771* bulk_load_port 7772 C:\Oracle\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\data\quickstart

      So... has anyone seen this issue before? Any special steps needed to connect SoapUI to the dgraph with version 2.3?


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          It sounds like you have specified the default ports. By default, 7771 is the port of the quickstart datastore, while 7770 is the port of the Endeca server. Web services calls need to be directed to the server, not to the datastore. Try changing the port to 7770 in your URLS: