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    AIA: Missing aia xpath func getEBMHeaderSenderSystemNode in JDev


      I have JDev with AIA Service Constructor extension (

      In Assign-activity in BPEL I can see aia xpath functions such as getServiceProperty, but I can not see getEBMHeaderSenderSystemNode.
      In xslt aia xpath function getServiceProperty is valid, but function getEBMHeaderSenderSystemNode can not be found.

      If i look in aia.jar under <JDEV_HOME>\jdeveloper\lib I can see function aia:getEBMHeaderSenderSystemNode in ext-soa-xpath-functions-config.xml

      How can I get function getEBMHeaderSenderSystemNode visible inside JDev?
      (I guess this is only a dev-time problem and it will work in run-time, but it is anyway annoying)

      Thankful for help