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    OSM 7.0.3. on Weblogic managed server


      we are installing OSM 7.0.3. on a managed server in weblogic. We are wondering if during the osm installer and the design studio eclipse, we have to follow the chapters for a single server or the cluster server. Of course, we do not have a real cluster, one node with both AdminServer and osmserver in weblogic. But still, the cluster scripts might be the appropriate scripts here.

      If we should go for the single server option, are there any special steps we need to enable OSM on weblogic with AdminServer and a OSM Server ?


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          Hi Benedikt,

          You have to follow instructions of installing OSM on single server as your environment is not of type cluster. During OSM installation, you have to point the installer to your ManagedServer. Also, please modify the single server scripts to make it point to your Managed Server(For Eg: ServerName, IP, port etc). Do not use Cluster scripts.

          Naveen Jabade