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    Requester Set up with Multple Charge Accounts??

      I have a user that wants to set up a Requestor with multiple expense accounts. In practice the requestor orders internally for three departments but right now the current set up only allows us to charge one expense account.


      Current set up:
      - 'Requestor A' orders $100 of goods for three different departments but the charge account for 100% of the $100 of goods goes to 'Department Charge Acct A'.
      - In order to change fractions of the $100 to different department the requestor has to allocate the charges to multiple distributions at the line level, which for a large number of orders is cumbersome.

      Desired Setup:
      - 'Requestor A' orders $100 of goods for the three different departments. 'Department Charge Acct A' is charged 30% of the cost, 'Department Charge Acct B' is charged 30% of the cost and 'Department Charge Acct C' is charged 40% of the cost.

      Is there a set up that can do this calculation automatically for every item ordered based on set up at the requestor level?