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    Benefits of using JE insted of SQLite for android

      I am new to android and have no idea about JE.
      I was wondering which is the best Database that can be used for android.
      I came across this JE, touchDB, SQLite(native for android),H2.
      But I am not able to figure out in which type of application JE benefit me, as compared to SQLite.

      Can anyone help me to figure it out?

      also keen to know on which type of application the native SQLite is better the JE.
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          You actually have several options from Oracle when it comes to databases on Android.

          First is Berkeley DB JE. The main advantages here are performance, scalability, and the Direct Persistence Layer (DPL). For more info see this whitepaper:

          Berkeley DB: The C/C++ version of Berkeley DB can also be compiled for Android. It offers similar performance and scalability advantages over SQLite.

          Berkeley DB SQL API: The C/C++ version of Berkeley DB can be compiled with SQL API support. In most cases this makes it a drop-in replacement for SQLite. The JDBC layer is actually based on the same driver as SQLite. However, the compatibility comes at a cost; because of the extra overhead added by the SQL API, this method is not as performant, especially with smaller data sets. But Berkeley DB still retains its inherent scalability and concurrency advantages. Instructions are here:

          Hope that helps.
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            Thanks Eric for your reply.
            I was not aware of Berkeley DB SQL API. I'll surely look at it.

            Eric I'll appreciate if you can answer the second part of the question, that in which type of android application JE is better then SQLite and in which type SQLite is better then JE.