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    XE and Security Patches

      We have a group of SOA Suite developers uisng Oracle XE 10 locally on laptops. We are getting advised by IT security that securiy patches are needed.
      We are looking at following options - Apply security patches to XE 10 , upgrade to XE 11 or move to Oracle Standard DB.
      A couple of questions:
      1. Are security patches available for XE 10? If so, where do you get the patches?
      2. Would moving to XE 11 include security patches?

      Appreciate any input.

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          1) No, XE cannot be patched.

          2) For 11g, same answer, there are no security patch sets available for any XE.

          11g might have security patches up to the time it was released but there have been several patches released since. If the security patches are needed a different edition is required.