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    Remittance or fund capture Issue in r12 ipayment

    L S P..

      I am working on oracle ipayment process in istore(Auth), OM(Auth) and AR (Fund capture) process.

      For that i had created one payee,payment system and mapped with my organization.

      I can able do Authorization process in istore with ipayment servlet call using my payee.

      But i can't able to do remittance or fund capture process because the ipayment is not called during the Fund capture process.

      My ipayment payee setup is working authorization process but this setup not working for capture process.

      I got the following error during the fund capture process:

      If i do the remittance process it shows following error "Authorization of credit card transaction failed.COMMUNICATION_ER ROR: () Capture of credit card transaction failed. :"

      Is there any ipayment or payee setup needed to be done for remittance process in r12 ?

      Please anyone help me on this..